[][src]Struct rusoto_iot::StartAuditMitigationActionsTaskRequest

pub struct StartAuditMitigationActionsTaskRequest {
    pub audit_check_to_actions_mapping: HashMap<String, Vec<String>>,
    pub client_request_token: String,
    pub target: AuditMitigationActionsTaskTarget,
    pub task_id: String,


audit_check_to_actions_mapping: HashMap<String, Vec<String>>

For an audit check, specifies which mitigation actions to apply. Those actions must be defined in your AWS account.

client_request_token: String

Each audit mitigation task must have a unique client request token. If you try to start a new task with the same token as a task that already exists, an exception occurs. If you omit this value, a unique client request token is generated automatically.

target: AuditMitigationActionsTaskTarget

Specifies the audit findings to which the mitigation actions are applied. You can apply them to a type of audit check, to all findings from an audit, or to a speecific set of findings.

task_id: String

A unique identifier for the task. You can use this identifier to check the status of the task or to cancel it.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for StartAuditMitigationActionsTaskRequest[src]

impl Default for StartAuditMitigationActionsTaskRequest[src]

impl PartialEq<StartAuditMitigationActionsTaskRequest> for StartAuditMitigationActionsTaskRequest[src]

impl Debug for StartAuditMitigationActionsTaskRequest[src]

impl Serialize for StartAuditMitigationActionsTaskRequest[src]

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