[][src]Struct rusoto_gamelift::CreateVpcPeeringAuthorizationInput

pub struct CreateVpcPeeringAuthorizationInput {
    pub game_lift_aws_account_id: String,
    pub peer_vpc_id: String,

Represents the input for a request action.


game_lift_aws_account_id: String

Unique identifier for the AWS account that you use to manage your Amazon GameLift fleet. You can find your Account ID in the AWS Management Console under account settings.

peer_vpc_id: String

Unique identifier for a VPC with resources to be accessed by your Amazon GameLift fleet. The VPC must be in the same region where your fleet is deployed. Look up a VPC ID using the VPC Dashboard in the AWS Management Console. Learn more about VPC peering in VPC Peering with Amazon GameLift Fleets.

Trait Implementations

impl PartialEq<CreateVpcPeeringAuthorizationInput> for CreateVpcPeeringAuthorizationInput[src]

impl Default for CreateVpcPeeringAuthorizationInput[src]

impl Clone for CreateVpcPeeringAuthorizationInput[src]

fn clone_from(&mut self, source: &Self)

Performs copy-assignment from source. Read more

impl Debug for CreateVpcPeeringAuthorizationInput[src]

impl Serialize for CreateVpcPeeringAuthorizationInput[src]

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