Struct rusoto_gamelift::RuntimeConfiguration [] [src]

pub struct RuntimeConfiguration {
    pub game_session_activation_timeout_seconds: Option<i64>,
    pub max_concurrent_game_session_activations: Option<i64>,
    pub server_processes: Option<Vec<ServerProcess>>,

A collection of server process configurations that describe what processes to run on each instance in a fleet. All fleets must have a run-time configuration. Each instance in the fleet launches the server processes specified in the run-time configuration and launches new ones as existing processes end. Each instance regularly checks for an updated run-time configuration and follows the new instructions.

The run-time configuration enables the instances in a fleet to run multiple processes simultaneously. Potential scenarios are as follows: (1) Run multiple processes of a single game server executable to maximize usage of your hosting resources. (2) Run one or more processes of different build executables, such as your game server executable and a related program, or two or more different versions of a game server. (3) Run multiple processes of a single game server but with different launch parameters, for example to run one process on each instance in debug mode.

A Amazon GameLift instance is limited to 50 processes running simultaneously. A run-time configuration must specify fewer than this limit. To calculate the total number of processes specified in a run-time configuration, add the values of the ConcurrentExecutions parameter for each ServerProcess object in the run-time configuration.

Fleet-related operations include:


Maximum amount of time (in seconds) that a game session can remain in status ACTIVATING. If the game session is not active before the timeout, activation is terminated and the game session status is changed to TERMINATED.

Maximum number of game sessions with status ACTIVATING to allow on an instance simultaneously. This setting limits the amount of instance resources that can be used for new game activations at any one time.

Collection of server process configurations that describe which server processes to run on each instance in a fleet.

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