Struct rusoto_gamelift::ResourceCreationLimitPolicy [] [src]

pub struct ResourceCreationLimitPolicy {
    pub new_game_sessions_per_creator: Option<i64>,
    pub policy_period_in_minutes: Option<i64>,

Policy that limits the number of game sessions a player can create on the same fleet. This optional policy gives game owners control over how players can consume available game server resources. A resource creation policy makes the following statement: "An individual player can create a maximum number of new game sessions within a specified time period".

The policy is evaluated when a player tries to create a new game session. For example, with a policy of 10 new game sessions and a time period of 60 minutes, on receiving a CreateGameSession request, Amazon GameLift checks that the player (identified by CreatorId) has created fewer than 10 game sessions in the past 60 minutes.


Maximum number of game sessions that an individual can create during the policy period.

Time span used in evaluating the resource creation limit policy.

Trait Implementations

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impl Debug for ResourceCreationLimitPolicy


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