Struct rusoto_gamelift::DescribeGameSessionDetailsInput [] [src]

pub struct DescribeGameSessionDetailsInput {
    pub alias_id: Option<String>,
    pub fleet_id: Option<String>,
    pub game_session_id: Option<String>,
    pub limit: Option<i64>,
    pub next_token: Option<String>,
    pub status_filter: Option<String>,

Represents the input for a request action.


Unique identifier for an alias associated with the fleet to retrieve all game sessions for.

Unique identifier for a fleet to retrieve all game sessions active on the fleet.

Unique identifier for the game session to retrieve.

Maximum number of results to return. Use this parameter with NextToken to get results as a set of sequential pages.

Token that indicates the start of the next sequential page of results. Use the token that is returned with a previous call to this action. To start at the beginning of the result set, do not specify a value.

Game session status to filter results on. Possible game session statuses include ACTIVE, TERMINATED, ACTIVATING and TERMINATING (the last two are transitory).

Trait Implementations

impl Default for DescribeGameSessionDetailsInput


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impl Debug for DescribeGameSessionDetailsInput


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impl Clone for DescribeGameSessionDetailsInput


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