[][src]Struct rusoto_core::DefaultCredentialsProvider

pub struct DefaultCredentialsProvider(_);

Wraps a ChainProvider in an AutoRefreshingProvider.

The underlying ChainProvider checks multiple sources for credentials, and the AutoRefreshingProvider refreshes the credentials automatically when they expire.


This provider allows the credential_process option in the AWS config file (~/.aws/config), a method of sourcing credentials from an external process. This can potentially be dangerous, so proceed with caution. Other credential providers should be preferred if at all possible. If using this option, you should make sure that the config file is as locked down as possible using security best practices for your operating system.


impl DefaultCredentialsProvider[src]

pub fn new() -> Result<DefaultCredentialsProvider, CredentialsError>[src]

Creates a new thread-safe DefaultCredentialsProvider.

Trait Implementations

impl ProvideAwsCredentials for DefaultCredentialsProvider[src]

type Future = DefaultCredentialsProviderFuture

The future response value.

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