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Runtime managed mutable borrowing from a vec.

This library provides a vec that allows mutable borrows to different elements at the same time. For a map implementation of this, see rt_map.


Add the following to Cargo.toml

rt_vec = "0.1.1" # or
rt_vec = { version = "0.1.1", features = ["unsafe_debug"] }

In code:

use rt_vec::RtVec;

struct A(u32);

let mut rt_vec = RtVec::new();


// We can validly have two mutable borrows from the `RtVec` map!
let mut a = rt_vec.borrow_mut(0);
let mut b = rt_vec.borrow_mut(1);
a.0 = 2;
b.0 = 3;

// We need to explicitly drop the A and B borrows, because they are runtime
// managed borrows, and rustc doesn't know to drop them before the immutable
// borrows after this.

// Multiple immutable borrows to the same value are valid.
let a_0 = rt_vec.borrow(0);
let _a_1 = rt_vec.borrow(0);
let b = rt_vec.borrow(1);

println!("A: {}", a_0.0);
println!("B: {}", b.0);

// Trying to mutably borrow a value that is already borrowed (immutably
// or mutably) returns `Err`.
let a_try_borrow_mut = rt_vec.try_borrow_mut(0);
let exists = if a_try_borrow_mut.is_ok() {
} else {
println!("a_try_borrow_mut: {}", exists); // prints "Err"



Enables the "unsafe_debug" feature of rt_ref.


A custom cell container that is a RefCell with thread-safety.

An immutable reference to data in a Cell.

A mutable reference to data in a Cell.

Reference to a value.

Mutable reference to a value.

Map from TypeId to type.


Failures to borrow a value.