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Types, traits and constants to abstract over the different implementations of the firebird client


pub use charset::Charset;
pub use SqlType::*;
pub use SqlType::*;


Charset definitions and functions

FbClient constants and typedefs


Named params implementation.

A database row


Firebird sql dialect

Drop / Close statement

Parameters type

Sql parameter / column data

Statement type

Transaction isolation level

Commit / Rollback operations


Max length that can be sent without creating a BLOB


Define the conversion from the buffer to a value

A wrapper trait compatible with the niceties provided by the main rsfbclient crate

Responsible for database administration and attachment/detachment

Responsible for actual transaction and statement execution

Implemented for types that represents a list of values of columns

Implemented for types that can be sent as parameters

Types with an associated boolean flag function, named() indiciating support for named or positional parameters.