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This crate provides types for representing the RSDP (the Root System Descriptor Table; the first ACPI table) and methods for searching for it on BIOS systems. Importantly, this crate (unlike acpi, which re-exports the contents of this crate) does not need alloc, and so can be used in environments that can’t allocate. This is specifically meant to be used from bootloaders for finding the RSDP, so it can be passed to the payload. If you don’t have this requirement, and want to do more than just find the RSDP, you can use acpi instead of this crate.

To use this crate, you will need to provide an implementation of AcpiHandler. This is the same handler type used in the acpi crate.



The first structure found in ACPI. It just tells us where the RSDT is.



Find the areas we should search for the RSDP in.