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RsUnit is a unit testing framework for Rust. It’s a wrapper around the native cargo test interface. RsUnit mimics the structure and behavior of ExUnit.

  • Easy to use Import the macro and build organized unit tests with the describe and test blocks.
  • ** Simple testing setup** Create with setup, setup_all, teardown and teardown_all functions that are run once or before every test and keep the rest of your tests organized in blocks.


use rs_unit::rs_unit;

fn add(a: i32, b: i32) -> i32 {
    a + b

rs_unit! {
    describe "Addition" {
        test "success: Add positive numbers" {
            let result = add(1,1);
            assert_eq!(result, 2);

       test "success: Add negative numbers" {
            let result = add(-2, -2);
            assert_eq!(result, -4);