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§rpgpie 🦀️🔐🥧

rpgpie is an experimental higher level OpenPGP library based on rPGP. It exposes a convenient API for some OpenPGP operations, and applies some amount of policy (to limit reliance on obsolete algorithms).

The main goals of rpgpie include simplicity, collaboration and fun 🥳.

§“OpenPGP for application developers”

rpgpie applies the terminology outlined in the “OpenPGP for application developers” documentation. We explore designing an API that build on its terminology and concepts.

§Stateless OpenPGP (SOP)

See rsop for a stateless OpenPGP (SOP) implementation based on rpgpie.


  • Wrapper types and logic around key material: Certificates and TSKs, component keys.
  • Handling of OpenPGP messages.
  • Policy decisions in rpgpie.
  • Handle individual OpenPGP signatures.


  • Enum wrapper for the error types of this crate


  • version of the rpgp dependency we built against
  • rpgpie version, via Cargo.toml