[][src]Function routerify_query::query_parser

pub fn query_parser<B, E>() -> Middleware<B, E> where
    B: HttpBody + Send + Sync + Unpin + 'static,
    E: Error + Send + Sync + Unpin + 'static, 

Parses the request query string and populates in the req object.


use hyper::{Body, Request, Response, Server};
use routerify::{Router, RouterService};
// Import the query_parser function and the RequestQueryExt trait.
use routerify_query::{query_parser, RequestQueryExt};
use std::{convert::Infallible, net::SocketAddr};

// A handler for "/" page. Visit: "/?username=Alice&bookname=HarryPotter" to see query values.
async fn home_handler(req: Request<Body>) -> Result<Response<Body>, Infallible> {
    // Access the query values.
    let user_name = req.query("username").unwrap();
    let book_name = req.query("bookname").unwrap();

        "User: {}, Book: {}",
        user_name, book_name

// Create a router.
  // Attach the query_parser middleware.
  .get("/", home_handler)