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Strongly-typed ascii character rotations in the style of Caesar/Rot/Vigenère ciphers. This is only meant to be some fun with type-level integers in Rust. Please do not use this as an encryption scheme as it is laughably weak.



Wraps a raw character/byte iterator and rotates each item.


A wrapper over Ascii u8 which rotates alphabetic characters by N. This is essentially a per-character Caesar cipher with a shift of N. A collection of this type may also be used to implement a strongly-typed Vigenère cipher. An interesting characteristic is that this type can only be converted back to a raw u8 when it has been rotated back into place (i.e N % 26 == 0), otherwise it is a compile-time type error to do so. It is also type-parameterized over the rotation length to prevent partial/improper ciphers at compile-time. This makes it impossible to use a byte rotated right by 12 when a type contract requires a byte rotated left by 13, for example.



Rotate Self::Item by N.