Struct rmenu::Config [] [src]

pub struct Config {
    pub canvas_color: Color,
    pub input_color: Color,
    pub unselected_color: Color,
    pub selected_color: Color,
    pub input_border: f64,
    pub input_border_color: Color,
    pub input_size: [f64; 2],
    pub output_size: [f64; 2],
    pub input_top_padding: f64,
    pub output_top_padding: f64,
    pub font: String,
    pub disable_esc: bool,

Configuration for the GUI. Check source for what the defaults are.

Note: ALWAYS add ..Default::default() when creating a Config since I may add more configuration options and I will consider it a non breaking change.


Background color

Input color

Color of unselected options in the menu

Color of selected option in the menu

Size of border around input

Color of border around input

Size of input box

Size of the output list

Padding above input

Padding between input and output

Path to a .ttf file with the font to use

Disable escape to exit the menu - because it crashes on i3-gaps

Trait Implementations

impl Default for Config


Returns the "default value" for a type. Read more