Crate name, along with its disambiguator (128-bit hash) represents a globally unique crate identifier, which should allow for differentiation between different crate targets or versions and should point to the same crate when pulled by different other, dependent crates.

A common identifier for definitions, references etc. This is effectively a DefId with globally unique crate number (instead of a compiler generated crate-local number).

An identifier (either a reference or definition).

SymbolQuery specifies the preficate for filtering symbols by name.



Used to indicate a missing index in the Id.


Allows to specify from where and which analysis files will be considered when reloading data to lower.


Attempts to deserialize Analysis data from file contents, returns Some(data) on success.

Reads raw analysis data for non-blacklisted crates from files in directories pointed by loader.

Attempts to read and deserialize Analysis data from a JSON file at path, returns Some(data) on success.

Type Definitions