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rlimit - A simple wrapper for getrlimit and setrlimit.


Set resource limit

use rlimit::{setrlimit, Resource};

const DEFAULT_SOFT_LIMIT: u64 = 4 * 1024 * 1024;
const DEFAULT_HARD_LIMIT: u64 = 8 * 1024 * 1024;
assert!(Resource::FSIZE.set(DEFAULT_SOFT_LIMIT, DEFAULT_HARD_LIMIT).is_ok());

let soft = 16384;
let hard = soft * 2;
assert!(setrlimit(Resource::NOFILE, soft, hard).is_ok());

Get resource limit

use rlimit::{getrlimit, Resource};

assert_eq!(getrlimit(Resource::CPU).unwrap(), (rlimit::INFINITY, rlimit::INFINITY));

Increase NOFILE limit

See the example nofile.


Failed to increase NOFILE to hard limit on macOS

On macOS, getrlimit by default reports that the hard limit is unlimited, but there is usually a stricter hard limit discoverable via sysctl (kern.maxfilesperproc). Failing to discover this secret stricter hard limit will cause the call to setrlimit to fail.


A kind of resource.


A value indicating no limit.


Get resource limits.

Set resource limits.

Type Definitions

Integer type used for resource values.