Trait rkyv::DeserializeUnsized[][src]

pub trait DeserializeUnsized<T: Pointee + ?Sized, D: Fallible + ?Sized>: ArchivePointee {
    unsafe fn deserialize_unsized(
        deserializer: &mut D,
        alloc: impl FnMut(Layout) -> *mut u8
    ) -> Result<*mut (), D::Error>;
fn deserialize_metadata(
        deserializer: &mut D
    ) -> Result<T::Metadata, D::Error>; }
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A counterpart of Deserialize that’s suitable for unsized types.

Required methods

Deserializes a reference to the given value.


out must point to memory with the layout returned by deserialized_layout.

Deserializes the metadata for the given type.

Implementations on Foreign Types