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Lock-free single-producer single-consumer (SPSC) FIFO ring buffer with direct access to inner data.


RingBuffer is the initial structure representing ring buffer itself. Ring buffer can be splitted into pair of Producer and Consumer.

Producer and Consumer are used to append/remove elements to/from the ring buffer accordingly. They can be safely sent between threads. Operations with Producer and Consumer are lock-free - they succeed or fail immediately without blocking or waiting.

Elements can be effectively appended/removed one by one or many at once. Also data could be loaded/stored directly into/from Read/Write instances. And finally, there are unsafe methods allowing thread-safe direct access in place to the inner memory being appended/removed.

When building with nightly toolchain it is possible to run benchmarks via cargo bench --features benchmark.


Simple example

use ringbuf::RingBuffer;
let rb = RingBuffer::<i32>::new(2);
let (mut prod, mut cons) = rb.split();

assert_eq!(prod.push(2), Err(2));

assert_eq!(cons.pop().unwrap(), 0);


assert_eq!(cons.pop().unwrap(), 1);
assert_eq!(cons.pop().unwrap(), 2);
assert_eq!(cons.pop(), None);


Consumer part of ring buffer.

Producer part of ring buffer.

Ring buffer itself.


Moves at most count items from the src consumer to the dst producer. Consumer and producer may be of different buffers as well as of the same one.