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Core types of the Rincon ArangoDB driver

rincon_core defines types, traits and constants that are common to the other crates of the rincon driver project. This core API enables the modular design of the Rincon ArangoDB driver.

The main parts of the API are:

  • datasource : the DataSource struct holds the parameters needed by Connectors
  • connector : a Connector defines how the driver communicates with an ArangoDB server
  • auth : types used to specify the authentication method and credentials
  • method : defines the traits Method, Prepare and Execute that need to be implemented by all methods for the ArangoDB REST API in order that they can be executed by a Connection of a Connector.
  • query : the Query struct holds AQL-queries with query-parameters
  • types : defines common types, such as Url, Value, JsonValue and JsonString
  • arango : defines constants of values used by the ArangoDB REST API

By defining this core API the driver can be easily extended with new methods that may be added in newer versions of ArangoDB and use different implementations of Connectors while the methods of the REST API are implemented only once.



The core API of the rincon driver.


Constants definitions of values that are defined by the ArangoDB REST API.