[][src]Trait riker::model::Model

pub trait Model: Sized {
type Msg: Message;
type Dis: Dispatcher;
type Log: LoggerProps<Msg = Self::Msg>;
type Ded: DeadLetterProps<Msg = Self::Msg>;
type Tmr: TimerFactory<Msg = Self::Msg>;
type Evs: EventStore<Msg = Self::Msg>;
type Tcp: IoManagerProps<Msg = Self::Msg>;
type Udp: IoManagerProps<Msg = Self::Msg>;

Riker's system and module configuration.

Riker requires a Model to set the message type used throughout the system and specify modules that provide core services.

A default model is provided by the riker-default crate that allows you to specify your message type (protocol).

If you prefer to use your own module for any of the core services you can do so easily by creating your own model by implementing Model.


Using the default model:

extern crate riker;
extern crate riker_default;
use riker::actors::*;
use riker_default::DefaultModel;
// Get a default model with String as the message type
let model: DefaultModel<String> = DefaultModel::new();
let sys = ActorSystem::new(&model).unwrap();

Implementing your own model:

This example is not tested
extern crate riker;
extern crate riker_default;
use riker::actors::*;
use riker_default::*; // <-- we're going to use some default modules
struct MyModel;
impl Model for MyModel {
    type Msg = String;
    type Dis = ThreadPoolDispatcher;
    type Ded = DeadLettersActor<Self::Msg>;
    type Tmr = BasicTimer<Self::Msg>;
    type Evs = Redis<Self::Msg>; // <-- we're using a module to provide Redis storage 
    type Tcp = TcpManager<Self::Msg>;
    type Udp = TcpManager<Self::Msg>;
    type Log = MyLogger<Self::Msg>; // <-- we're using our own Log module
let sys = ActorSystem::new(&MyModel).unwrap();

Associated Types

type Msg: Message

The message type used throughout the system. Actor.receive expects this type

type Dis: Dispatcher

Dispatcher executes actors and futures

type Log: LoggerProps<Msg = Self::Msg>

Logger provides global logging, e.g. info!("hello");

type Ded: DeadLetterProps<Msg = Self::Msg>

Dead letters subscribes to the dead letters channel

type Tmr: TimerFactory<Msg = Self::Msg>

Timer provides message scheduling, e.g. ctx.schedule_once

type Evs: EventStore<Msg = Self::Msg>

Event store provides the storage system for events/messages

type Tcp: IoManagerProps<Msg = Self::Msg>

type Udp: IoManagerProps<Msg = Self::Msg>

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