[][src]Trait riker::actor::CellPublic

pub trait CellPublic {
type Msg: Message;
    fn myself(&self) -> ActorRef<Self::Msg>;
fn parent(&self) -> ActorRef<Self::Msg>;
fn children<'a>(
        &'a self
    ) -> Box<dyn Iterator<Item = ActorRef<Self::Msg>> + 'a>;
fn user_root(&self) -> ActorRef<Self::Msg>;
fn is_root(&self) -> bool; }

ActorCell public API.

This trait is used by ActorRef.

Associated Types

type Msg: Message

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Required methods

fn myself(&self) -> ActorRef<Self::Msg>

Returns the actor's ActorRef

fn parent(&self) -> ActorRef<Self::Msg>

Returns the actor's parent ActorRef

fn children<'a>(&'a self) -> Box<dyn Iterator<Item = ActorRef<Self::Msg>> + 'a>

Returns an iterator for the actor's children references

fn user_root(&self) -> ActorRef<Self::Msg>

fn is_root(&self) -> bool

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impl<Msg> CellPublic for ActorCell<Msg> where
    Msg: Message

type Msg = Msg

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