[][src]Struct riker::actor::SystemChannel

pub struct SystemChannel<Msg: Message> { /* fields omitted */ }

A specialized actor for providing Publish/Subscribe capabilities for system messages.


impl<Msg: Message> SystemChannel<Msg>[src]

pub fn new() -> BoxActor<Msg>[src]

Trait Implementations

impl<Msg: Message> Actor for SystemChannel<Msg>[src]

type Msg = Msg

fn post_start(&mut self, ctx: &Context<Self::Msg>)[src]

Invoked after an actor has started. Read more

fn post_stop(&mut self)[src]

Invoked after an actor has been stopped.

fn persistence_conf(&self) -> Option<PersistenceConf>[src]

Return a Some(PersistenceConf) to enable actor persistence. Read more

fn apply_event(
    &mut self,
    ctx: &Context<Self::Msg>,
    evt: Self::Msg,
    sender: Option<ActorRef<Self::Msg>>

Invoked after an event is successfully inserted into the event store. Read more

fn replay_event(&mut self, ctx: &Context<Self::Msg>, evt: Self::Msg)[src]

Invoked for each event when the actor is recovering. Read more

fn supervisor_strategy(&self) -> Strategy[src]

Return a supervisor strategy that will be used when handling failed child actors.

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<Msg> Send for SystemChannel<Msg>

impl<Msg> Sync for SystemChannel<Msg>

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