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Core data structures and algorithms used throughout rg3d.

Some of them can be useful separately outside the engine.


pub use arrayvec;
pub use byteorder;
pub use nalgebra as algebra;
pub use num_traits;
pub use parking_lot;
pub use rand;
pub use uuid;
pub use futures;
pub use instant;


Lightweight read-only runtime reflection.

A generational arena - a contiguous growable array type which allows removing from the middle without shifting and therefore without invalidating other indices.

Built-in scoped profiler. You must compile with feature “enable_profiler” to force profiler gather info! It is disabled by default because it is not cheap and takes 3-5% of performance for internal needs.

Rectangle packer is used to pack set of smaller rectangles into one big, it used in texture atlas packer.

Immutable string + immutable string storage. See docs of ImmutableString and ImmutableStringStorage for more info.

Visitor is a tree-based serializer/deserializer.


Defines as_(variant), as_mut_(variant) and is_(variant) methods.




Appends specified extension to the path.

Utility function that replaces back slashes \ to forward / It replaces slashes only on windows!