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An error attempt to represent multiple failures.

This crate implements RetryError, a type to use when you retry something a few times, and all those attempts can fail differently each time. Instead of returning only a single error, it records all of the errors received, in case they are different.

This crate is developed as part of Arti, a project to implement Tor in Rust. It’s used by higher-level crates that retry operations.


use retry_error::RetryError;

fn some_operation() -> anyhow::Result<bool> {
   unimplemented!(); // example

fn example() -> Result<(), RetryError<anyhow::Error>> {
   const N_ATTEMPTS: usize = 10;
   let mut err = RetryError::in_attempt_to("perform an example operation");
   for _ in 0..N_ATTEMPTS {
       match some_operation() {
           Ok(val) => return Ok(()),
           Err(e) => err.push(e),
   // All attempts failed; return all the errors.
   return Err(err);


An error type for use when we’re going to do something a few times, and they might all fail.