[][src]Struct reqwest::Body

pub struct Body { /* fields omitted */ }

The body of a Request.

In most cases, this is not needed directly, as the RequestBuilder.body method uses Into<Body>, which allows passing many things (like a string or vector of bytes).


impl Body[src]

pub fn new<R: Read + Send + 'static>(reader: R) -> Body[src]

Instantiate a Body from a reader.


While allowing for many types to be used, these bodies do not have a way to reset to the beginning and be reused. This means that when encountering a 307 or 308 status code, instead of repeating the request at the new location, the Response will be returned with the redirect status code set.

let file = File::open("national_secrets.txt")?;
let body = Body::new(file);

If you have a set of bytes, like String or Vec<u8>, using the From implementations for Body will store the data in a manner it can be reused.

let s = "A stringy body";
let body = Body::from(s);

pub fn sized<R: Read + Send + 'static>(reader: R, len: u64) -> Body[src]

Create a Body from a Read where the size is known in advance but the data should not be fully loaded into memory. This will set the Content-Length header and stream from the Read.

let file = File::open("a_large_file.txt")?;
let file_size = file.metadata()?.len();
let body = Body::sized(file, file_size);

Trait Implementations

impl From<Vec<u8>> for Body[src]

impl From<String> for Body[src]

impl From<&'static [u8]> for Body[src]

impl From<&'static str> for Body[src]

impl From<File> for Body[src]

impl Debug for Body[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Unpin for Body

impl !Sync for Body

impl Send for Body

impl !RefUnwindSafe for Body

impl !UnwindSafe for Body

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