[][src]Struct requiem_testing::TestServer

pub struct TestServer;

The TestServer type.

TestServer is very simple test server that simplify process of writing integration tests for actix-net applications.


use requiem_service::fn_service;
use requiem_testing::TestServer;

async fn main() {
    let srv = TestServer::with(|| fn_service(
        |sock| async move {
            println!("New connection: {:?}", sock);
            Ok::<_, ()>(())

    println!("SOCKET: {:?}", srv.connect());


impl TestServer[src]

pub fn start<F>(factory: F) -> TestServerRuntime where
    F: FnMut(ServerBuilder) -> ServerBuilder + Send + 'static, 

Start new server with server builder

pub fn with<F: ServiceFactory<TcpStream>>(factory: F) -> TestServerRuntime[src]

Start new test server with application factory

pub fn unused_addr() -> SocketAddr[src]

Get firat available unused local address

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