[][src]Struct requiem_cors::CorsFactory

pub struct CorsFactory { /* fields omitted */ }

Middleware for Cross-origin resource sharing support

The Cors struct contains the settings for CORS requests to be validated and for responses to be generated.

Trait Implementations

impl<S, B> Transform<S> for CorsFactory where
    S: Service<Request = ServiceRequest, Response = ServiceResponse<B>, Error = Error>,
    S::Future: 'static,
    B: 'static, 

type Request = ServiceRequest

Requests handled by the service.

type Response = ServiceResponse<B>

Responses given by the service.

type Error = Error

Errors produced by the service.

type InitError = ()

Errors produced while building a transform service.

type Transform = CorsMiddleware<S>

The TransformService value created by this factory

type Future = Ready<Result<Self::Transform, Self::InitError>>

The future response value.

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