[][src]Struct rena::Arguments

pub struct Arguments {
    pub folder: PathBuf,
    pub directory: bool,
    pub verbose: bool,
    pub origin: usize,
    pub prefix: String,
    pub padding: usize,
    pub padding_direction: PaddingDirection,
    pub match_regex: Option<Regex>,
    pub match_rename: Option<String>,
    pub dry_run: bool,

All the arguments after being turned into their respective types.


folder: PathBuf

Folder in which to act

directory: bool

Whether to run on directories instead of files

verbose: bool

Whether to output more logging information

origin: usize

If renaming numerically, what number to start with

prefix: String

The prefix for the item's name

padding: usize

How much padding the number should have

padding_direction: PaddingDirection

Which direction the number should be padded in

match_regex: Option<Regex>

A Regex to filter input items

match_rename: Option<String>

When renaming, this is used to apply regex capture groups

dry_run: bool

Whether to not actually execute any rename operations

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for Arguments[src]

impl Debug for Arguments[src]

impl Default for Arguments[src]

impl From<ArgMatches> for Arguments[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

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