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The Reloaded Buffers Library

Allocate Memory, & Knuckles

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Reloaded.Memory.Buffers is a library for allocating memory between a given minimum and maximum memory address, for C# and Rust.

With the following properties:

  • Memory Efficient: No wasted memory.
  • Shared: Can be found and read/written to by multiple users.
  • Static: Allocated data never moves, or is overwritten.
  • Permanent: Allocated data lasts the lifetime of the process.
  • Concurrent: Multiple users can access at the same time.
  • Large Address Aware: On Windows, the library can correctly leverage all 4GB in 32-bit processes.
  • Cross Platform: Supports Windows, OSX and Linux.

Wiki & Documentation

This is a cross-platform library, with shared documentation.

For basic usage, see wiki

Example Use Cases

These are just examples:

  • Hooks: Hooking libraries like Reloaded.Hooks can reduce amount of bytes stolen from functions.
  • Libraries: Libraries like Reloaded.Assembler require memory be allocated in first 2GB for x64 FASM.


The library provides a simple high level API to use.

See Wiki for Rust usage

Community Feedback

If you have questions/bug reports/etc. feel free to Open an Issue.

Contributions are welcome and encouraged. Feel free to implement new features, make bug fixes or suggestions so long as they meet the quality standards set by the existing code in the repository.

For an idea as to how things are set up, see Reloaded Project Configurations.

Happy Hacking 💜