Trait relm::Container [] [src]

pub trait Container: Widget {
    type Container: Clone + IsA<Container> + IsA<Object> + IsA<Widget>;
    type Containers: Clone;
    fn container(&self) -> &Self::Container;
fn other_containers(&self) -> Self::Containers; fn add_widget<WIDGET: Widget>(
        container: &ContainerComponent<Self>,
        component: &Component<WIDGET>
    ) -> Container { ... } }

Trait to implement relm container widget.

Associated Types

The type of the containing widget, i.e. where the child widgets will be added.

Type to contain the additional container widgets.

Required Methods

Get the containing widget, i.e. the widget where the children will be added.

Get additional container widgets. This is useful to create a multi-container.

Provided Methods

Add a relm widget to this container. Return the widget that will be send to Widget::on_add().