Crate refinery_core[][src]


pub use crate::error::Error;
pub use crate::traits::async::AsyncMigrate;
pub use crate::traits::sync::Migrate;
pub use rusqlite;
pub use postgres;
pub use mysql;
pub use tokio_postgres_driver as tokio_postgres;
pub use mysql_async_driver as mysql_async;
pub use tiberius_driver as tiberius;



Represents a schema migration to be run on the database, this struct is used by the embed_migrations! macro to gather migration files and shouldn’t be needed by the user

Struct that represents the report of the migration cycle, a Report instance is returned by the Runner::run and Runner::run_async methods via Result<Report, Error>, on case of an Error during a migration, you can access the Report with

Struct that represents the entrypoint to run the migrations, an instance of this struct is returned by the embed_migrations! macro. Runner should not need to be instantiated manually


enum containing the migration types used to search for migrations either just .sql files or both .sql and .rs

An enum set that represents the target version up to which refinery should migrate, it is used by Runner


find migrations on file system recursively across directories given a location and MigrationType