[][src]Crate reaper_low

This crate contains the low-level API of reaper-rs.

It is not recommended to use this API directly because it just exposes the raw REAPER C++ functions, types and constants one to one in Rust. If you want idiomatic Rust, type safety and convenience, please use the medium-level or high-level API instead.

At times it can still be useful to access the low-level API, mostly as fallback if the function that you are looking for has not yet been lifted to the medium-level API. To get started, best navigate to the Reaper struct, which contains all exposed functions.


use c_str_macro::c_str;
use std::ptr::null_mut;

unsafe {
    reaper.ShowConsoleMsg(c_str!("Hello world from reaper-rs low-level API!").as_ptr());
    let track = reaper.GetTrack(null_mut(), 0);



The ultimate goal of the low-level API is to be on par with the REAPER C++ API, meaning that everything which is possible with the REAPER C++ API is also possible with the reaper-rs low-level API. Improvements regarding safety, convenience or style are not in its scope. It should serve as a base for more idiomatic APIs built on top of it.

Generated code

Most parts of the low-level API are auto-generated from reaper_plugin_functions.h using a combination of bindgen and custom build script.

C++ glue code

There's some code which is not auto-generated, most notably the code to "restore" functionality which "got lost in translation". The problem is that some parts of the REAPER C++ API not just use C but also C++ features, in particular virtual base classes. Rust can't call virtual functions or implement them.

The solution is to take a detour via C++ glue code:

  • Rust calling a C++ virtual function provided by REAPER:

    • Implement a method on the raw struct in Rust which calls a function written in C which in turn calls the C++ virtual function (Rust function → C function → C++ virtual function)
    • Example: midi.rs & midi.cpp
  • REAPER calling a C++ virtual function provided by Rust:

    • Implement the virtual base class in C++, let each function delegate to a corresponding free Rust function which in turn calls a method of a trait object (REAPER → C++ virtual function → Rust function)
    • Example: control_surface.cpp & control_surface.rs



Exposes important raw types, functions and constants from the C++ REAPER API.



This is the low-level API access point to all REAPER functions.


Container for the REAPER function pointers.


This represents the context which is needed to access REAPER functions from plug-ins.



This is the Rust analog to the C++ virtual base class IReaperControlSurface.



Creates an IReaperControlSurface object on C++ side and returns a pointer to it.


This is a convenience function for bootstrapping extension plug-ins.


This function catches panics before they reach REAPER.


Destroys a C++ IReaperControlSurface object.