[][src]Struct rdkafka::producer::future_producer::FutureProducer

#[must_use = "Producer polling thread will stop immediately if unused"]
pub struct FutureProducer<C: ClientContext + 'static = DefaultClientContext> { /* fields omitted */ }

A producer that returns a Future for every message being produced.

Since message production in rdkafka is asynchronous, the caller cannot immediately know if the delivery of the message was successful or not. The FutureProducer provides this information in a Future, that will be completed once the information becomes available. This producer has an internal polling thread and as such it doesn't need to be polled. It can be cheaply cloned to get a reference to the same underlying producer. The internal will be terminated once the the FutureProducer goes out of scope.


impl<C: ClientContext + 'static> FutureProducer<C>[src]

Important traits for DeliveryFuture
pub fn send<K: ?Sized, P: ?Sized>(
    record: FutureRecord<K, P>,
    block_ms: i64
) -> DeliveryFuture where
    K: ToBytes,
    P: ToBytes

Sends the provided FutureRecord. Returns a DeliveryFuture that will eventually contain the result of the send. The block_ms parameter will control for how long the producer is allowed to block if the queue is full. Set it to -1 to block forever, or 0 to never block. If block_ms is reached and the queue is still full, a RDKafkaError::QueueFull will be reported in the DeliveryFuture.

pub fn send_result<'a, K: ?Sized, P: ?Sized>(
    record: FutureRecord<'a, K, P>
) -> Result<DeliveryFuture, (KafkaError, FutureRecord<'a, K, P>)> where
    K: ToBytes,
    P: ToBytes

Same as FutureProducer::send, with the only difference that if enqueuing fails, an error will be returned immediately, alongside the FutureRecord provided.

pub fn poll<T: Into<Timeout>>(&self, timeout: T)[src]

Polls the internal producer. This is not normally required since the ThreadedProducer had a thread dedicated to calling poll regularly.

pub fn flush<T: Into<Timeout>>(&self, timeout: T)[src]

Flushes the producer. Should be called before termination.

pub fn in_flight_count(&self) -> i32[src]

Returns the number of messages waiting to be sent, or send but not acknowledged yet.

Trait Implementations

impl<C: ClientContext + 'static> Clone for FutureProducer<C>[src]

impl FromClientConfig for FutureProducer[src]

impl<C: ClientContext + 'static> FromClientConfigAndContext<C> for FutureProducer<C>[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<C> RefUnwindSafe for FutureProducer<C> where
    C: RefUnwindSafe

impl<C> Send for FutureProducer<C>

impl<C> Sync for FutureProducer<C>

impl<C> Unpin for FutureProducer<C>

impl<C> UnwindSafe for FutureProducer<C> where
    C: RefUnwindSafe

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