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rbx_tree is a common representation of the Roblox DOM for Rust. It's designed to play nicely with the borrow checker and allows accessing instances by ID in constant time.

rbx_tree's APIs are not completely stable, but most of the design is locked in. It is definitely a 0.x.y quality library.

Constructing a new tree of instances is accomplished by first creating an RbxInstanceProperties object that describes the root instance of the tree, and then wrapping it with an RbxTree:

use std::collections::HashMap;
use rbx_tree::{RbxInstanceProperties, RbxTree};

let props = RbxInstanceProperties {
    name: "My Cool Game".to_owned(),
    class_name: "DataModel".to_owned(),
    properties: HashMap::new(),

let mut tree = RbxTree::new(props);
println!("ID of instance we just inserted is {}", tree.get_root_id());

Note that the maplit crate is incredibly useful for defining properties inline.

Once we have a tree, we can use RbxTree::insert_instance and RbxTree::get_instance to add instances to the tree and retrieve them.

use rbx_tree::RbxValue;
use maplit::hashmap;
let http_service = RbxInstanceProperties {
    name: "HttpService".to_owned(),
    class_name: "HttpService".to_owned(),
    properties: hashmap! {
        "HttpEnabled".to_owned() => RbxValue::Bool {
            value: true,

let datamodel_id = tree.get_root_id();
let http_service_id = tree.insert_instance(http_service, datamodel_id);

println!("HttpService has ID {}", http_service_id);

To change properties on an instance that's already present in the tree, use RbxTree::get_instance_mut. Note that it isn't possible to add or remove children through this method, use RbxTree::insert_instance instead.



An iterator over all descendants of an instance in an RbxTree. Returned by RbxTree::descendants.


Represents possible custom physical properties on a BasePart.


A unique ID that represents an instance within an RbxTree.


Represents an instance that is rooted in an RbxTree. These are always returned from an existing RbxTree with a method like RbxTree::get_instance.


The properties associated with a Roblox Instance that might not exist yet.


Represents a tree containing rooted instances.



Represents a value that can be assigned to the properties of an instance.