[][src]Struct raqote_display::RaqoteDisplay

pub struct RaqoteDisplay { /* fields omitted */ }

This display is based on raqote's DrawTarget and is used as draw target for the embedded graphics crate.


use RaqoteDisplay_display::prelude::*;
use embedded_graphics::{
    image::{Image, ImageRaw, ImageRawLE},

let mut display = RaqoteDisplay::new(160, 128).unwrap();

let style = PrimitiveStyleBuilder::new().fill_color(Rgb565::BLACK).build();
let black_backdrop = Rectangle::new(Point::new(0, 0), Point::new(160, 128)).into_styled(style);
black_backdrop.draw(&mut display).unwrap();

// draw ferris
let image_raw: ImageRawLE<Rgb565> = ImageRaw::new(include_bytes!("../../../assets/ferris.raw"), 86, 64);
let image: Image<_, Rgb565> = Image::new(&image_raw, Point::new(34, 8));
image.draw(&mut display).unwrap();


impl RaqoteDisplay[src]

pub fn new(width: u32, height: u32) -> Result<Self, String>[src]

Creates a new display display with the given size.

pub fn data(&self) -> &[u32][src]

pub fn flip(&mut self, surface: &mut [u32])[src]

Pushes the frame buffer to the given surface and clears the frame buffer.

Trait Implementations

impl DrawTarget<Rgb565> for RaqoteDisplay[src]

type Error = String

Error type to return when a drawing operation fails. Read more

Auto Trait Implementations

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