Struct rant::RantOptions[][src]

pub struct RantOptions {
    pub use_stdlib: bool,
    pub debug_mode: bool,
    pub seed: u64,
    pub enable_require: bool,
    pub enable_global_modules: bool,
    pub local_modules_path: Option<String>,

Provides options for customizing the creation of a Rant instance.


use_stdlib: bool

Specifies whether the standard library should be loaded.

debug_mode: bool

Enables debug mode, which includes additional debug information in compiled programs and more detailed runtime error data.

seed: u64

The initial seed to pass to the RNG. Defaults to 0.

enable_require: bool

Enables the [require] function, allowing modules to be loaded.

enable_global_modules: bool

Enables loading modules from RANT_MODULES_PATH.

local_modules_path: Option<String>

Specifies a preferred module loading path with higher precedence than the global module path. If not specified, looks in the current working directory.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for RantOptions[src]

impl Debug for RantOptions[src]

impl Default for RantOptions[src]

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