[][src]Struct random_graphs::distributions::binomial::BinomialGraphDistribution

pub struct BinomialGraphDistribution { /* fields omitted */ }


impl BinomialGraphDistribution[src]

pub fn new(nodes: usize, p: f64) -> Result<Self, BinomialGraphError>[src]

Creates a new BinomialGraphDistribution with nodes nodes, and where up to binomial(nodes, 2) edges are inserted independently with probability p.

Will return an error if p < 0 or p > 1.


use random_graphs::prelude::*;
use rand::prelude::*;

let distribution = BinomialGraphDistribution::new(4, 0.25).unwrap();

// Generate a random graph
let graph = distribution.sample(&mut thread_rng());
assert_eq!(graph.node_count(), 4);

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for BinomialGraphDistribution[src]

impl Debug for BinomialGraphDistribution[src]

impl Distribution<Graph<usize, (), Undirected, u32>> for BinomialGraphDistribution[src]

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