[][src]Struct rand_xorshift::XorShiftRng

pub struct XorShiftRng { /* fields omitted */ }

An Xorshift random number generator.

The Xorshift1 algorithm is not suitable for cryptographic purposes but is very fast. If you do not know for sure that it fits your requirements, use a more secure one such as StdRng or OsRng.

  1. Marsaglia, George (July 2003). "Xorshift RNGs". Journal of Statistical Software. Vol. 8 (Issue 14). 

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for XorShiftRng[src]

impl Debug for XorShiftRng[src]

impl Eq for XorShiftRng[src]

impl PartialEq<XorShiftRng> for XorShiftRng[src]

impl RngCore for XorShiftRng[src]

impl SeedableRng for XorShiftRng[src]

type Seed = [u8; 16]

Seed type, which is restricted to types mutably-dereferencable as u8 arrays (we recommend [u8; N] for some N). Read more

impl StructuralEq for XorShiftRng[src]

impl StructuralPartialEq for XorShiftRng[src]

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