[][src]Struct rand_pcg::Mcg128Xsl64

pub struct Mcg128Xsl64 { /* fields omitted */ }

A PCG random number generator (XSL 128/64 (MCG) variant).

Permuted Congruential Generator with 128-bit state, internal Multiplicative Congruential Generator, and 64-bit output via "xorshift low (bits), random rotation" output function.

This is a 128-bit MCG with the PCG-XSL-RR output function, also known as pcg64_fast. Note that compared to the standard pcg64 (128-bit LCG with PCG-XSL-RR output function), this RNG is faster, also has a long cycle, and still has good performance on statistical tests.


impl Mcg128Xsl64[src]

pub fn new(state: u128) -> Self[src]

Construct an instance compatible with PCG seed.

Note that PCG specifies a default value for the parameter:

  • state = 0xcafef00dd15ea5e5

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for Mcg128Xsl64[src]

impl Clone for Mcg128Xsl64[src]

impl RngCore for Mcg128Xsl64[src]

impl SeedableRng for Mcg128Xsl64[src]

We use a single 126-bit seed to initialise the state and select a stream. Two seed bits (lowest order of last byte) are ignored.

type Seed = [u8; 16]

Seed type, which is restricted to types mutably-dereferencable as u8 arrays (we recommend [u8; N] for some N). Read more

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