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Random number generation traits

This crate is mainly of interest to crates publishing implementations of RngCore. Other users are encouraged to use the rand crate instead which re-exports the main traits and error types.

RngCore is the core trait implemented by algorithmic pseudo-random number generators and external random-number sources.

SeedableRng is an extension trait for construction from fixed seeds and other random number generators.

Error is provided for error-handling. It is safe to use in no_std environments.

The impls and le sub-modules include a few small functions to assist implementation of RngCore.


The BlockRngCore trait and implementation helpers

Helper functions for implementing RngCore functions.

Little-Endian utilities


Error type of random number generators


A random number generator that retrieves randomness from the operating system.


A marker trait used to indicate that an RngCore or BlockRngCore implementation is supposed to be cryptographically secure.

An extension trait that is automatically implemented for any type implementing RngCore and CryptoRng.

The core of a random number generator.

A random number generator that can be explicitly seeded.