[][src]Struct raii_counter_futures::Counter

pub struct Counter { /* fields omitted */ }

Essentially an AtomicUsize that is clonable and whose count is based on the number of copies. The count is automatically updated on Drop.


impl Counter[src]

pub fn new() -> Counter[src]

pub fn new_with_size(size: usize) -> Counter[src]

pub fn downgrade(self) -> WeakCounter[src]

Consume self (causing the count to decrease by 1) and return a weak reference to the count through a WeakCounter

pub fn count(&self) -> usize[src]

This method is inherently racey. Assume the count will have changed once the value is observed.

pub async fn wait_for_empty<'_>(&'_ self)[src]

Returns a future that waits until the counter contains a 0 value

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for Counter[src]

impl Debug for Counter[src]

impl Display for Counter[src]

impl Drop for Counter[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !RefUnwindSafe for Counter

impl Send for Counter

impl Sync for Counter

impl Unpin for Counter

impl !UnwindSafe for Counter

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