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Implementation of the Rabbit stream cipher.

Cipher functionality is accessed using traits from re-exported cipher crate.

⚠️ Security Warning: Hazmat!

This crate does not ensure ciphertexts are authentic! Thus ciphertext integrity is not verified, which can lead to serious vulnerabilities!



use rabbit::Rabbit;
// Import relevant traits
use rabbit::cipher::{KeyIvInit, StreamCipher};
use hex_literal::hex;

let key = [0x42; 16];
let nonce = [0x24; 8];
let plaintext = hex!("00010203 04050607 08090A0B 0C0D0E0F");
let ciphertext = hex!("10298496 ceda18ee 0e257cbb 1ab43bcc");

// Key and IV must be references to the `GenericArray` type.
// Here we use the `Into` trait to convert arrays into it.
let mut cipher = Rabbit::new(&key.into(), &nonce.into());

let mut buffer = plaintext.clone();

// apply keystream (encrypt)
cipher.apply_keystream(&mut buffer);
assert_eq!(buffer, ciphertext);

let ciphertext = buffer.clone();

// decrypt ciphertext by applying keystream again
let mut cipher = Rabbit::new(&key.into(), &nonce.into());
cipher.apply_keystream(&mut buffer);
assert_eq!(buffer, plaintext);

// stream ciphers can be used with streaming messages
let mut cipher = Rabbit::new(&key.into(), &nonce.into());
for chunk in buffer.chunks_mut(3) {
assert_eq!(buffer, ciphertext);


pub use cipher;


Core state of the Rabbit stream cipher initialized with key and IV.

Core state of the Rabbit stream cipher initialized only with key.

Type Definitions

Rabbit Stream Cipher Initialization Vector.

Rabbit Stream Cipher Key.

The Rabbit stream cipher initializied with key and IV.

The Rabbit stream cipher initializied only with key.