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An experimental implementation of Rust RFC#2256 libsyntax2.0.

The intent is to be an IDE-ready parser, i.e. one that offers

  • easy and fast incremental re-parsing,
  • graceful handling of errors, and
  • maintains all information in the source file.

For more information, see [the RFC][rfc#2265], or the working draft.


pub use crate::ast::AstNode;


Utilities for simple uses of the parser.



File represents a parse tree for a single Rust file.
A SmolStr is a string type that has the following properties:
A range in the text, represented as a pair of TextUnits.
An offset into text. Offset is represented as u32 storing number of utf8-bytes, but most of the clients should treat it like opaque measure.
A token of Rust source.


The kind of syntax node, e.g. IDENT, USE_KW, or STRUCT_DEF.
WalkeEvent describes tree walking process.


A marker trait to distinguish between owned and borrowed trees. You don’t need to implement it yourself, use existing OwnedRoot or RefRoot.


Break a string up into its component tokens

Type Definitions