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This project offers a program via bin feature. The program helps run one single instance of any program.

For more details, please run the program with help command.

Currently all features are tested only on Linux. On other Unix systems, the program might or might not work.


For example, Qt Creator can run multiple instances. Sometimes you don’t want that. Unfortunately there’s no setting to tell it to run just one single instance.

There are 2 solutions:

  1. You can file a feature request (with a picture of your cat in it), and start praying for it to be accepted.

    This could take some time. But it’s probably not one day. It’s not 2 days either.

    1 week? Still seems impossible.

  2. Or,

    You can r1 it, professionally, just like this:

    ~> r1 --target=/usr/bin/qtcreator --app-name='Qt Creator'

    Tip: you can find its icon here:


0.7.3 (November 23rd, 2022)


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