[][src]Enum quicksilver::graphics::ResizeStrategy

pub enum ResizeStrategy {
    IntegerScale {
        width: u32,
        height: u32,

The way to adjust the content when the size of the window changes



Use black bars to keep the size exactly the same

If necessary, content will be cut off


Fill the screen while maintaing aspect ratio, possiby cutting off content in the process


Take up as much of the screen as possible while maintaing aspect ratio, but use letterboxing if necessary


Ignore aspect ratio and just stretch the content


Only scale as integer multiple of the given width and height

16, 9, for example, will allow any 16:9 viewport; 160, 90 will only allow 16:9 viewports that are divisible by 10

Fields of IntegerScale

width: u32height: u32

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for ResizeStrategy[src]

impl Copy for ResizeStrategy[src]

impl Default for ResizeStrategy[src]

impl Eq for ResizeStrategy[src]

impl PartialEq<ResizeStrategy> for ResizeStrategy[src]

impl Debug for ResizeStrategy[src]

impl Hash for ResizeStrategy[src]

impl Serialize for ResizeStrategy[src]

impl<'de> Deserialize<'de> for ResizeStrategy[src]

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