[][src]Struct quic_p2p::Builder

pub struct Builder { /* fields omitted */ }

Builder for QuicP2p. Convenient for setting various parameters and creating QuicP2p.


impl Builder[src]

pub fn new(event_tx: Sender<Event>) -> Self[src]

New Builder

pub fn with_proxies(
    proxies: VecDeque<NodeInfo>,
    use_exclusively: bool
) -> Self

Take proxies from the user.

Either use these exclusively or in addition to the ones read from bootstrap cache file if such a file exists

pub fn with_config(self, cfg: Config) -> Self[src]

Configuration for QuicP2p.

If not specified it'll call Config::read_or_construct_default()

pub fn build(self) -> R<QuicP2p>[src]

Construct QuicP2p with supplied parameters earlier, ready to be used.

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Unpin for Builder

impl Sync for Builder

impl Send for Builder

impl RefUnwindSafe for Builder

impl UnwindSafe for Builder

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