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queue_times is a crate for scraping data from the queue times website.

Most consumers of this crate will want to use client::CachedClient or another client from client. This is enabled with the feature client.

use queue_times::client::{Client, QueueTimesClient, CachedClient};

let client = CachedClient::default(); //Replace with `Client::new()` to remove caching if needed
let parks = client.get_park_urls().await?;
let cedar_point_waits = client.get_ride_times(parks.get("Cedar Point")?.to_owned()).await?;

let mille_wait = cedar_point_waits.iter().find(|r| == "Millennium Force").unwrap();

println!("The current wait for Millennium Force is: {:?}", mille_wait.status)

parser contains structs for parsing ride times from the raw html, and can be extended for parsing either newer versions of queue times as the API breaks, or even other websites (or anything really).



Contains implementations of reqwest based clients for parsing queue times.


Contains models used in parsing


Defines parsers for processing queue times pages