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The qasmsim library includes a OPENQASM 2.0 parser and interpreter, along with a statevector simulator. Compiled with default features, the library presents a qasmsim CLI for running programs like the following one:

// in test.qasm
include "";
qreg q[2];
creg c[2];
h q[0];
cx q[0], q[1];
measure q -> c;
$ qasmsim --shots 1024 test.qasm
| Name | Int value | Count |
|    c |         0 |   503 |
|      |         3 |   521 |

Check the full options with:

$ qasmsim --help
qasmsim 1.2.0
A QASM interpreter and quantum simulator in Rust.

    qasmsim [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] [source]

    -b, --binary           Prints the binary representation of the values
    -h, --help             Prints help information
    -x, --hexadecimal      Prints the hexadecimal representation of the values
    -i, --integer          Prints the interger representation of the values. Default option
        --probabilities    Prints the probabilities vector of the simulation. Ignored if shots is set
        --statevector      Prints the state vector of the simulation. Ignored if shots is set
    -t, --times            Prints times measured for parsing and simulating
    -V, --version          Prints version information
    -v                     Verbosity of the output

        --info <info>      Show gate-related information
        --out <out>        Output files prefix, print in the stdout if not present. The output format of each file is
                           CSV. At most, three files are created with the names out.memory.csv, out.state.csv and
        --shots <shots>    Specify the number of simulations

    <source>    QASM program file, read from stdin if not present



  • Contain the error types ragarding the different tasks that QasmSim can perform.
  • Contain the machinery for parsing and processing OPENQASM programs. This module is unstable.
  • Contain utilities for representing the internal state of a quantum system.


  • Represent the result of a simulation.
  • Represent a complete execution of a program, from parsing to simulating.
  • Register the milliseconds spent in parsing the program and simulating.


  • The different types for OPENQASM values.


  • Return the signature and documentation of the gate gate_name if it is defined in the source code input.
  • Return the AST of input and link external sources with linker.
  • Parse and simulate the input OPENQASM program with optional shots.
  • Perform a simulation of the parsed program.
  • Perform shots number of simulations of the parsed proram program.

Type Aliases

  • Map classical registers with values and number of outcomes.