Crate python27_sys[][src]


pub use crate::frameobject::PyFrameObject;
pub use crate::pystate::PyGILState_STATE::*;
pub use crate::structmember::PyMemberDef;





Set if the type allows subclassing

PyNumberMethods do their own coercion

New members introduced by Python 2.2 exist

Objects support garbage collection (see objimp.h)

PyBufferProcs contains bf_getcharbuffer

Objects support nb_index in PyNumberMethods

PySequenceMethods and PyNumberMethods contain in-place operators

tp_iter is defined

tp_richcompare is defined

PySequenceMethods contains sq_contains

Objects support type attribute cache

Objects which are weakly referencable if their tp_weaklistoffset is >0

Set if the type object is dynamically allocated

Set if the type is ‘ready’ – fully initialized

Set while the type is being ‘readied’, to prevent recursive ready calls



Macro, only to be used to fill in brand new lists

Test if an object has a GC head

Macro, only to be used to fill in brand new tuples

Test if a type has a GC head

Type Definitions