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Search for Python interpreters in the environment

This crate provides the code to both find Python interpreters installed and utilities to implement a CLI which mimic the Python Launcher for Windows.


At the top-level, the code directly related to searching is provided. The RequestedVersion enum represents the constraints the user has placed upon what version of Python they are searching for (ranging from any to a major.minor version). The ExactVersion struct represents an exact major.minor version of Python which was found.

The cli module contains all code related to providing a CLI like the one the Python Launcher for Windows provides.


Parsing of CLI flags


Specifies the major.minor version of a Python executable.


Error enum for the entire crate.

The version of Python being searched for.


Finds all possible Python executables on PATH.

Attempts to find an executable that satisfies a specified RequestedVersion on PATH.

Type Definitions

The integral part of a version specifier (e.g. the 3 or 10 of 3.10).

std::result::Result type with Error as the error type.